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At the Fence

Taken over the course of the spring, these moments were mostly captured while traveling to and from various assignments throughout Bureau and Putnam counties. The self-imposed criteria was the photos had to be respectfully taken from the side of the road.

Some of the horses were familiar sights, as they live along regularly taken routes, although for many there was a wait for the right combination of light, weather and location within the pastures. Others were met during a bit of countryside wandering on a pleasant Sunday.

Only once did a subject turn and trot away. Another started to, but after gently calling out with reassurance, he turned and came to the edge of the fence and posed handsomely. A few watched curiously before slowly approaching, but most were lively and friendly.

A bit of spontaneity combined with the inherent beauty of horses and the natural appeal of our rural countryside resulted in a series of photos which hopefully gives readers as much pleasure to view as was had creating it.

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