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Summer brings new friends to Green River State Wildlife Area

Located across the Bureau County line in Lee County, the Green River State Wildlife Area is an Illinois state park comprised of 2,565 acres. The area was acquired by the state of Illinois for wildlife restoration and the funds used to purchase it were from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act.

Access to the area is fairly easy — go north of Ohio, Ill., on Route 26 and then head west on Maytown Road, where you’ll find multiple parking areas and trails offering some fantastic views of the Illinois prairie, sand ponds and sloughs. May prairie-dependent species call this area their home. One will also see hundreds of plant species, many kinds of butterflies and other insects, who have the perfect place to raise the next generation.

Near the wetlands, a constant buzz of dragonflies and damselflies dart over the water — defending their territories and subsequently laying eggs. Many grassland and wetland birds can be seen and heard during the day and into the night.

Situated a good distance from any towns or villages, the clear night sky is filled with stars and galaxies.

Those who are camping enthusiasts can enjoy a Class C campground with washrooms. Both grassy and gravel areas can accommodate everything from tent to motor homes.

Make sure to check out the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for hunting seasons in the area.

For more information, call 815-379-2324.

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